Bill Vardas

      Ο άνθρωπός σας στην Ελλάδα   |   Your contact in Greece



Where in Greece do you offer your services?

I am located in Athens. I cover the entire region of Attica for properties that require daily or frequent attendance. Yet, many clients have multiple properties all over the country. I manage those, too. Please contact me for more information.

What do I need to do if I inherit property in Greece?

You need to officially accept the inheritance, pay the inheritance tax, if applicable, and complete the bureaucracy of changing ownership on the properties. You will need a lawyer for all this. (Yes, we help you do all that)

If I own property in Greece, do I need to have a tax number (AFM)?

Yes. In Greece the tax number (AFM) is widely used in the same capacity as the Social Insurance Number in Canada or the Social Security Number in the States. (Yes, we help you issue one)

Do I need to file a tax return in Greece every year?

Yes. You need to file an E1 Tax Return every year, and an E9 Return only if you bought, sold, inherited or experienced any whatsoever changes in the ownership interest you hold in a property.

Do I need an accountant?

Yes. In fact, you need a TAXIS username and password, as well. Many mandatory activities can be executed by an accountant only, exclusively through TAXIS, the tax-department's e-services portal. (Yes, we provide assistance)

Do I pay government and municipal property taxes and levies?

There are two main property-related taxes and levies: municipal taxes and levies, which are charged through the electrical bill and paid by the occupant of the property, whether it's the owner or a tenant; and the National Property Tax E.N.F.I.A., which is paid by the owner of the property. (Yes, we pay your tax bills on your behalf)

When is the National Property Tax E.N.F.I.A. due?

The 2018 assessment will be issued this July or August, and will be payable in 5 monthly instalments. You also have the option of paying it all at once. (Yes, we provide this service)

When we are away, what happens to our utilities like electricity, water, phone, Internet, etc.?

Depending on the situation, many owners disconnect their utilities while they are outside the country. Usually, they do it to save costs. Although each case is different, we generally advise owners no to disrupt service on specific utilities, like electricity and water. It helps them secure their property, and us deal with emergencies and repairs, while the cost of the utilities relatively small. (Yes, we pay your bills for you)

What type of repairs do you handle?

I personally do not execute any repairs myself. I always hire professionals, whether they are your trusted ones, or any of a number of professionals I work with. I just arrange the job and supervise the work on your behalf. The repairs are usually emergency repairs such as power outages, faucet leaks, change of locks, broken windows, flooded basements, etc.

For more information, please contact me.